Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just got back from my CROP....What fun!!!!!

It was so relaxing and FUN to be with all my "scrapping" friends (new and old) for 8 long hours. I tend to talk alot so I only got done like 3 LO's . BUT, that is better than last time. I am always the one taking a needle out to sew of painting, or something that takes up time. For me its all about saying what's on my mind! I will never just scrap the holidays or the "special events"....its the EVERYDAY LIFE that I like to keep in my memories. I often go back and look at my scrapbooks at least once or twice a week.

I was told today that I am a blast to be around and that felt great! They said I'm LOUD , but in a good way. I must admit that I do like to get people laughing....I love to laugh. Sometimes too much.

There was this really sweet woman named Anna Marie (aka Gene)...My friend Suzanne called here gene over 3 times so when I started to talk to her I called her Gene and she wasn't answering me................ I thought maybe she just didn't hear me??? Who knew that wasn't even her name so I asked her what her name was and she said Anna....Annamarie! I started to crack up! So I said hey Suzanne what's her name and she without a doubt yelled out Gene........well we all started cracking up.

Suzanne I just want to tell you.............thanks for cracking me up.

I'm tired and I cannot wait to go to the crop tomorrow for round 2. I was so happy when I didn't have to pack up all of my stuff tonight!

I also can't wait to post all of my work-----completed!

NIGHTY NIGHT...sleep tight!
Much Love , heather

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Brand SPANKY new header for my blog coming soon...

My NEW sled ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New YOrk Adirondaks 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My very own paper!

I am actually going to a crop tomorrow from 11am until 8pm and I'm so excited. I am working on my blog header for the first part ....actually just finishing it! I can't wait until its done!!!

See you soon.

Much LOVE<


I just love sharing the stories....

I studied alot of Chem/BioChem over the years. So WHY NOT scrap it???? Hard Work Pays off!!
Jason and I have fun both at is way way too short to sit back and dream!!!
I love this little man more than life itself...I couldn't imagine it without him. Rilan ...Mommy Love's YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Green Eyes...I couldn't wait to do a LO like this one .
This was a Challange on TallySCrapper...I had to scraplift a LO, the CATCH...doodle all of her store bought embellies. This one was SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM AN ARCHIVIST...mostly for myself and my family

I am so proud of the directions scrapbooking has taken us....we scrap about everyday "little things" , funny/embarrassing things, we do body image lo's , I love adding all of this stuff to my scrapbooks. Why should we just scrap births, holidays, weddings, ..................RANDOM things are even good! I just love this part of my life....I say just do it....SCRAP anything you want. Here is some of my WORK......................enjoy!

LUV, heather

I am going to get this blog going today if its going to kill me ... its raining here in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania...and its SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather it be snowing then I could be riding my ROCKIN' snowmobile! But, I'm not going to complain. I have some work to do in the house and I could get my blog fully functioning. I am a full time Research Scientist and I am in between new positions so I better take advantage of the time (yeah...heather that's the way to look at it:) b/c my EXTREME LOVE for scrapbooking is overwhelming just as my MOM ...every time she walks into my "SCRAP ROOM" which I am very grateful to have BTW, she says OMG Heather this is getting out of control! I know that BUT I'm OK with it and so is my boyfriend.